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Hi guys. I work for a contractor who is a Generac dealer. I was sent to air cooled school, but the generators I'm servicing have been liquid cooled and I'm needing to further my education. When I call Generac when I'm stuck on a generator problem I can't troubleshoot, they tell me they can't help me because I don't have the training. The two day crash course that Generac offers limits the teaching to only the wiring aspect only, but I want to further my education on the mechanics of generators. I was thinking about a small engine repair school, but I'm not sure it's what I need to repair generators. Any help or web links to help me better understand how generators and all their sensors and switches would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


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Sorry, I can't help which way to go other than to say, if water cooled engines is what you need help with, it's not going to be with small engine repair. Small engine repair does not include water cooled engines.


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Now that you have taken the air cooled you are now eligible to start the liquid cooled training. Have you boss send you to the training. Generac has about 3 or 4 levels of liq. cooled training. Once you reach a certain level then they will send you through the engine training. Some of the tech. I know were finely sent to John Deere school for the 2.4 and 3 litter diesel engines. It takes time.


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We just sent a tech to Generac U. He recieved all the available training over 10 days and it gave us the ability to become a service dealer. All told, tuition, flights, shuttle, pay, expenses, ect it cost us just under $3k. I'll make that back in a year and I get some of it as an advertising expense because we can market the new offering. If you can justify the expense, or your boss can, it will elminate any future hang ups with regard to service.