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I had an electrician install a generator interlock kit in my Square D Homeline panel. It turns out my 200 amp panel and sub panel were both full so tandem or piggyback breakers were used to free up space for the 30 amp double pole generator breaker. My tag on my panel states that the panel is a 30 circuit 40 circuit max so the electrician said that tandems could be used. The problem was that the tandem breakers did not fit into the spaces he made available by moving other breakers around so what he did was "chip" away the plastic on the back slot of the breaker to make the slot longer so it would seat down onto the bus bar. After doing a little reasearch I discovered that there are spaces near the bottom of the panel that are made for tandem breakers. My question is this...should I have this electrician return and do this the right way or is what he did OK? I know technically what he did was wrong but is there any danger issues to what he did? I do not have any more plans to add future circuits so I will not overload the panel by adding more circuits that the panel is rated for.

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I am closing this thread in accordance with the forum rules. If you fail to have electrical work inspected, then we cannot be expected to fill that void.
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