GFCI Outlets on GFEP Circuit

We have an existing circuit that provides 120V power to a heat trace circuit via a GFEP breaker. We would like to add an outdoor GFCI outlet to this circuit. What do you guys think? Also, it appears that although GFEP breakers are recommended for heat trace circuits, the 2017 code does not disallow GFCI protection of heat trace, do you guys concur?

tom baker

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Yes that is correct. For my short runs of heat cable, typically 3 watts a foot for small 3/8' od copper line, I would use a blank face GFCI with trip indication. GFEP breakers are very expensive and not needed for my application. There is some leakage on the heat cable and at some point the GFCI will trip.
We had a length of 8" ductile iron pipe under a board walk (concrete) that did not have GFEP protection on the 277 volt heat trace, it caught on fire, fire dept rolled and got pretty excited about putting out a fire under a board walk. It was a tough environment as it was over salt water. Disconnected the heat trace. Hasn't frozen (yet).