GFI Required on Basement Freezer?


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The exception that permitted using a single receptacle for a dedicated appliance in lieu of GFCI protection last appeared in the 2005 code. If you are on a newer code, the receptacle must have GFCI protection. With refrigerators and freezers that do not have power conversion equipment (VFDs) a tripped GFCI most often indicates a problem with the equipment.
You could add an alarm to get a notification of loss of power to the freezer.
They make GFCIs with a built in alarm.


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They make GFCIs with a built in alarm.
I have one on the basement lift station. I can't hear the tone even 18" from it. My spouse can hear it upstairs, if the TV isn't blaring. Fortunately it usually isn't.
They can be a little helpful, garage often HO is in there almost daily unless maybe they never go anywhere or is so full of crap they don't park in it.

Some room in a basement, might not be heard until freezer has thawed in many cases. They aren't as loud as some alarms, and if you are hard of hearing the high pitch might not be something you will hear unless you are in same room.