Ground rod for storage shed


Lubbock, TX
I was asked to add a subpanel in a Tuff Shed that was build beside a new house. The shed is on a concrete slab with fiber reinforcement (no steel rebar...). The main panel for the house is located on the inside wall adjacent to the new shed. Do I still have to drive a ground rod in addition to pulling an ECG from the house or can the ECG be enough since the main panel for the house is so close and grounded to the rebar? Thanks for you guys input!


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You are required to connect a GEC to the grounding terminal bar of the new panel. There is no way around that.

You could run this new GEC to the existing electrodes. Yes, the EGC is already doing that job but won't count as the GEC without treating it like a GEC the entire way, bonded to raceways, continuous etc.

tom baker

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If you didn't install a sub panel, then for a single or mulitwire branch circuit no grounding electrodes are needed, but you need a disconnecting means such as a snap switch. Once you install a panel then a GES is required.


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separate foundations 2 structures -- why do you need a subpanel for such a small shed? put the subpanel on the house & feed a muticonductor circuit