GTE/Sylvania/Zinsco bolt on panel availability


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I'm really skeptical you have a good reason for wanting an entire panel of this type. Is there a specific part you are looking for a replacement for?


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Looking for surplus bolt on GTE/Sylvania/Zinsco style panels. Any available or any leads? Scoured the inter-webs to no avail.
Why would you want them? New replacement breakers have not been available in years, used ones are outrageously expensive and not easy to source, also they could be 40-50 years old, some things need to die and Zinsco/ GTE Sylvania equipment is one of them.


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You are not finding these because nobody sells this junk. If this is a misguided attempt to save a customer money by replacing the panel guts versus the entire enclosure, you *might* be able to find another manufacturer's internals that can fit your enclosure.

Another alternative is abandoning the original cabinet and putting a new one next to it, using the old cabinet as a splice box.