Hayward Pool Products says NOT to install GFCI breaker on their 240v HeatPumps


Electron manager
NE Nebraska
I understand "outlet" and it may be a loophole, but assume I supply a HVAC condenser wiring straight from a breaker in an outside meter combo (in sight from the unit)... No outlet, no GFCI, correct ??
There is an NEC defined "outlet" for every load, exact location of the "outlet" may be up for debate at times though.

I believe an electrocution incident involving a compromised EGC to an outdoor HVAC unit was a major factor into this code change. Whether you think that is right or wrong reason for the change, I'll let you come to your own conclusion. I do know from reading posts here that apparently HVAC equipment has not been required to meet the low leakage current requirements that would be needed for reliable operation if applied to a GFCI protected circuit.