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I would like to adress something here before get off on the wrong foot.

I respect your education, and your knowledge, although I think we may be looking at things at a much different perspective due to our geographic locations. We may not see the same degree of economic feasibility due to the differences in the resorses we have availible.

I personally view differences in perspective as a good thing because it allows one to have a much more complete view of the problem at hand.

For example, the discussion of transformer grounding. You see it as economically feasable to rewind the transformer. And I do not doubt for a minute that in India it is probably economically feasable to rewind small transformers such as that 45 KVA one that was mentioned. But here in the USA with the cost of labor, and with the cost of operating a service facility, it is much cheaper to buy a new transformer.

Here is another example where you might have a much better view of a given situation.

In the USA, Lister CS diesel generating sets are looked at as a toy for hobbiests. From what I understand, in India they are a valuable and productive piece of equipment.

What is your opinion of the Lister type diesels made in India? From what I understand there are some of very high quality, and also some of very low quality.
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