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We have an electrical furnace (Nortron D series) installed in 2019 that keeps tripping the furnace breaker. (Federal Pioneer breaker box). Breaker is a 150 amp and costs $400 a piece! Electricians meter showing it pulls max of 103 amps. I've been thru three 150 amp breakers. They work for a while then they start tripping more and more thus having to be replaced. Power Corp. Has checked current from pole to house. No problems. Electricians have checked the furnace to the panel, no problems. Yesterday Electrician switched breaker to another location (just under main breaker) on panel. Still popped. Info: main breaker is 200amps. Breaker for furnace is 150amps. Furnace has three breakers for the elements and never have these breakers popped. By the way, we replaced the furnace (original installed in 2011) thinking it was faulty. But the same problem is occurring. Can anyone help fix this as we can't leave our house and chance frozen water lines! If you have suggestions! We have pictures but this forum wouldn't let me upload. Thanks in advance! Bryan.
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I would suggest trying another electrician and/or contacting the furnace mfg.
With that said, we can't really help any further so...

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