Help passing the ICC Comm Electrical Inspector and Plans Examiner test

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I am studying for the ICC 2006 Commercial Electrical Inspector and Plans Examiner tests.

My test dates are: Inspector - May 8 (computer), and the Plans Examiner on May 15th (paper/pencil).

My biggest concern is the calculations I might run into on either exam.

Can anyone who has taken them recently help me?



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The only items you will need is the 2008 NEC, Chapter 7 and 10 of the 2009 IBC, a ruler, and a calculator.

Make sure you have tabs for the NEC. The ruler needs to be 7" long. This is the exact width of all the tables in the NEC. USE THE RULER when answering a table question! Make sure the calculator has both solar and battery power, a large clear display, and not too many functions.

Pick out the key word(s) of the question and determine the applicable Chapter, then Article, then Section. For example, if the question is asking about the clearnance of a particular luminaire in a clothes closet, the first thought in you head should be, Chpater 4. Your next thought should be, Article 410. From there, you find Section 410.8. Use this method for each question. Use the Table of Contents and Index to narrow your searches.

There will be calculations, but not an overwhelming number of them, nor are they all that complex. You need to be at least familair with perform each kind. Use ANNEX D for guidance. Time managment is everything, be quick and don't second guess yourself.

The questions referencing the IBC will likely be related to penetrations through rated assemblies (Chapter 7) and Egress / EM lighting in occupancies (Chapter 10).

I would wish you luck, but I believe proper preparation and dedicated study can out perform any type of luck.

Thank you

Thank you


Thank you for the helpful information. I would not have thought to bring a ruler for the tables.

I will let you know how I do.

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ICC 2 & 3 E Exams

ICC 2 & 3 E Exams

Have you passed both exams? I have the Standard Inspector and am on my provisional electrical plans examiner. I am having difficulty with the test. I failed it yesterday with a score of 70. I took the Contractor's Institute course a couple of weeks ago, but though it was useful, it is very difficult to cram all this in just three days. I am looking for some self study material. I have a workbook but it is based on the 2005 NEC.
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