Help with controlling single phase motors


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I have a stacker that I’m needing to run ASAP. The motors on the stacker are as follows.

1-30hp 3phase 480v flc 40
1-15hp 3phase 480v flc 21
3-3hp 3phase 480v flc 3.4a

1-2hp 1phase 240v flc 12a
1-1/2hp 1 phase fly 9.8a
My idea was to get a panel built that would control everything but I got the wrong drawings and my lead time is 6-8 weeks when I get corrected drawings….

new idea is to run the 480v motors as follows.
I have a 100a 480v 3phase breaker in a load center that feeds a 200a non fused disconnect with 2/0 aluminum.
I then take 4/c type w so good for 101a in 70degree column and hit a 200amp terminal box. I use tap rules to feed three pump panels and 1 60a 3 phase fused disconnect. From the fused disconnect I hit my control panel from my drive over it controls the 15hp and 1-2hp motor. It has a ul builtpanel on it.
One of pump panels is for the 30hp conveyer. The other two are for the remaining 2 hp motors. The only problem is I need to change the contactirsto reversing contractors, and I need to change the overloads as well…. And my guess is that’s a violation and changes the ul listing?

As far as the 2 hp single phase I didn’t know if I could build my own field constructed control panel, as long as by definition I only have one of the components in an assembly.(3) says I can use both circuit components and control components as the (3) option would both component s then be considered on component?

Could I put a reversing contactor in an enclosure take out e jumpers so that it’s not reversing the phases since I have stupid single phase motor. Set an ol relay on both contractors, and then use a 3 pos momentary switch to control the coils on each contactor and then feed two normally open points on separate auxiliary contacts on each contractor for each solenoid.

that way whenever the motor is turned on it opens one of the solenoids raising or lowering the rams?

basically hoping to do the same thing with my single phase 115 vac 1/2 hp actuator. I’d have a momentary 3 position-selector switch. That controls coils on reversing contractor. I’d have 120 v line on each side of the contractors and it would send 115 to the actuator on either 115 vac line extracting or retracting the 1/2 hp actuator.

please really need some help on this one guys! Is there something I could buy to run the single phase motors ? Some type of enclosed started with controls?


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You may or may not be able to get this to work. Your description of what you plan to do is not adequate to determine the suitability of what you want to do. It probably won't be to code and if you modify existing listed control panels in a legalistic way that would need to be "approved", usually via some kind of field evaluation by an NRTL.

It may not matter much to you if it is to code or legalistically correct. Most places both of these concerns are secondary to expediency and keeping product flow moving.