Hermetically sealed or class I div 2 rated fuse required


Good afternoon. I'm designing a 24vdc distribution jct. box using a Hoffman type 4X, fiberglass enclosure in a class I div. 2 area. I have 20, fused terminals, 1 amp (+) and 20 terminals (-). The plant told me that I could not the Cooper 5X20 fuse because fuses do not meet the area class. Does anybody know where I can find a hermetically sealed or class I div. 2 rated fuse? I sure would appreciate it. Currently designed with Weidmuller type "WSI 4/LD 60-150V AC/DC" terminal with Weidmuller type "G 20/1.00A/F" fuse.

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Does this fall under 501.105(B)(5)?

I think your proposed fuses are ok but would need an upstream switch complying with 501.105(B)(2).