Hi, pls how do i rest fault F0002 in ABB Drive ACS150 ?


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I believe that is an Overvoltage fault.

Have you cycled the drive power? Turn the power off, wait until the display and all indicating lights go out. Turn power back on.

i assume you are applying the drive properly.

A line reactor will usually help prevent that type of fault.


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So can we assume that you don’t have a manual and can’t download one?

Yes, that does mean DC bus over voltage. Here is what it says;
Check that overvoltage controller is on (parameter 2005 OVERVOLT CTRL).
Check brake chopper and resistor (if used). DC overvoltage control must be deactivated when brake chopper and resistor are used.
Check deceleration time (parameters 2203 DECELER TIME 1 and 2206 DECELER TIME 2).
Check input power line for static or transient overvoltage.
Retrofit frequency converter with brake chopper and brake resistor.
Also, I believe you set it up to automatically reset for that issue in parameter 3105. If you only get this trip on rare occasions because of issues with your load overhauling, you might want to do that. If it happens a lot, you should find and correct the cause of that or add a braking resistor.