high voltage sub station & equipment problems

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I have been contacted by a government agency which is having control equipment damaged.
They say that a new 34,500/7,200 sub-station has been built to handle a large number of buildings. The buildings are military and use computers, HVAC, lighting and office space.
It is my understanding that twice there has been two didderent fuses at the sub-station blow. Both times there were numerous control voltage (120) coils and control transformers destroyed. The transformers are 480/120. They also say that on neither occassion did any motors, computers, lighting or any other building equipment become damaged.
Could there be a damaged sub-statioon transformer or grounding issue. The sub-station and buildings all sit on one of the highest hills in the area.
I would appreciate any help as this problem shuts down multiple buildings.

Thank You!


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knowing dates and times of the events in question can significantly increase your ability to discover what the problem was. For example, if there were known thunderstorms during that period, or known outages/overloads/wires down , or more importantly - not, then it will aid in your discovery. Guessing what the problem is without any on site investigation is extremely challenging (imo)


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Not even close to enough information for us to help, you should call a testing company that specializes in this sort of work.
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