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I’ve seen hard hat & harnesses pushed so hard over the years that some other common sense measures sometimes get overlooked. I have often tripped over old anchors barely protruding from floors and small wide holes where anchors got torn out being hit with forklifts.
I leaned years ago to drill my anchor holes an extra inch deep. If the equipment gets moved, easy enough to hammer anchor down below surface. Can be caulked over if needed.
Wide holes should be patched over with concrete.
I recall starting a job with a new company, worked on a condo building. 1st day, I noticed we had very few trash or scrap barrels on site & very few brooms. People were doing their best with moving trash & scraps to corners, etc. Just a few days in, foreman called a meeting & said GC was on his back about such things & we had to do better. I told him we needed the stuff to do it with. He said that had been totally overlooked & thanked me. He sent out for brooms & barrels. We had them that day.
A lot of accidents happen from scrap & trash. A piece of string can tangle in your boots, a tiny cut end of threaded rod or MC cable can roll underfoot & cause a broken hip.
I’ve seen boom lifts with worn out joysticks that were very touchy & unpredictable. Try to move left & also go down, etc. Maintenance tends to get overlooked until something happens.
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