I'm Concerned or should I mind my own business?


EC, Westchester, New York NEC: 2014
Hawthorne, New York NEC: 2014
Become a Certified Commercial Property Inspector
Oct 22 - Oct 24
This three-day course teaches how to inspect commercial property systems and components, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, structure and roofing.

CCPIA is an association of home inspectors who are evidently branching out into commercial properties.

Interesting to note that Ohio prohibits these clowns from removing panel covers.

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They have very intelligent, motivated students who read all their homework while not in class. :roll:
Is that before or after they relax from the stress of the day (sitting and listening to Mr. Expert telling them about all the things they need to check for) by adjourning to the local watering hole?