in ground landscape lights - replace how ?

5 subdivision in ground Kichler 120 v lights are corroded etc, customer wants me to replace with above ground lights. These are about 10" in diameter with glass convex lenses. I need to keep these in ground 'buckets' in tack to use as junction boxes for the existing connections. What kind of 120 v floodlight fixtures can I use to fasten somehow? And how to feed wire from inside up to the fixtures? Thank you !

mopowr steve

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I wonder if there is a “T” style underground UF underground splice kit available that would allow you to extend a UF wire up into an above ground box.
If it’s UF that’s already ran.
All I saw is Kichler, no labels. Probably brass, bronze painted. Stainless steel screws. Glass is slightly domed upward, convex. Unfortunately like every subdiv. entrance I've worked on, the idiots used indoor 12-2. At least this job was run with concuit. Thanks.