industrial control panel disconnect sizing

green bay wisconsin
Going thru article 409 industrial control panel to size , 409.20 goes thru the calculation needed for sizing the feed to the panel.
Taking that number and multiply by 115% to it would tell me the size of the disconnect I would need (NEC 430.110(C)(2))
Or do you use 430.110(C)(1) and multiply by 115%.
One way I would 100 amp fused main disconnect for the panel the other way I would need a 200 amp fused main disconnect switch for the panel.
Under normal operation the machine will draw 35 to 50 amps. On start up it will draw about 45 amps.

Resistance heater load___ 36.8 amps *125% = 46 amps
Largest motor load_______3.4 amps * 125% = 4.25 amps
All other motors total___32.91 amps_________ 32.91 amps
Transformer 5kva________10.41amps_________ 10.41 amps
____________________Total 83.56 amps_________ 93.57 amps
_______________________ *115% _______________*115%
_________________________89.04 amps_________ 107.60 amps