Industrial PC Class I Division 2 listed

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I'm having a hard time finding an Industrial PC listed for Class I Division 2. The ones that are tend to be:

1. Very spendy
2. Have what would have been a screaming computer back in 1989

I know why. It costs money to list, it's not a high volume line, and until what you already paid to list a decade ago becomes as obsolete as an abacus and slide rule, you don't want to go through that again every year as Intel/AMD make hotter chips and Gates finds a new way to bog them down with buggy bloatware.

But I do have to be able to run modern programs, log gigs of data, and have current interfaces: CD R/W & USB, not 5-1/4 inch floppy...

Does anyone have any preferred sources? I'd like to get at least a 15" display, maybe touchscreen option if not too much more, and the beefy fold down keyboard with mouse pad.

NEMA 4 is as common as dirt, but classified location listed is as rare as an honest politician. I've found a few (haz listed Industrial PC) but they cost more than my car.



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There are a couple of options open to you.

1. Put the stuff in a pressurized cabinet.

2. Remote mount the PC and only have the keyboard and display in the C1D2 area.
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