Inspectors ~ Ideal 65 Legal or not in your area?


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Hello again everyone,
I was speaking with some colleagues and several had mentioned that inspectors in their areas are going to/ have already banned the use of the Ideal 65s for Aluminum to Copper connections. They will only accept Alumicons or COPALUM connectors.

So I was curious to see what the thought was here and if any inspectors or anyone's jurisdiction have banned the use of the wirenuts all together.

Thank you in advance for the input...


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New Jersey
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As far as I know we accept any listed copper to aluminum connector, I haven't been told that one type was required over another.


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Williamsburg, VA
From what I have read, while they are ul-listed,they are not cpsc approved or certified for joining aluminum to copper.

I cannot see an electrical inspector failing their use, however a home inspector may very well gig the installation for the above-mentioned reason, and for insurance purposes. If, and that is a very big, hypothetical if, insurance companies will not accept the ideal purple wire nuts, then they are really useless

And in reality, they are really useless as the Alumiconns make a much better connection, are cpsc approved (as well as the COPALUM system), and cost the same as the Ideals. They also are easier to tuck into older boxes (which should always be replaced with a new higher cubic inch box) near maximum wire fill as well as being much easier to work on when the wires are short, which is 99% of the time.