Inverter circuit origination for PV

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I'm interested in knowing whether or not the NEC addresses the origination for the circuit that feeds the inverter in a grid-tied PV system. I know I can come off a service panel but what about a sub-panel? After doing a handful of installs, I have a client where coming off a sub-panel would ideal.


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Are you talking about the backfed breaker? If so, I believe that counts as a disconnect, so it would need to meet 690.14.

(C) (1) Location. The photovoltaic disconnecting means shall
be installed at a readily accessible location either on the
outside of a building or structure or inside nearest the point
of entrance of the system conductors.

In addition to the NEC, many jurisdictions and fire departments require the backfed breaker to be readily accessible and they interpret that to be right next to or on the main panel.
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The exception to 614.(C)(1) will permit other locations for the means of disconnect.
You will need to check with your utility. Ours requires an outside disconnect at the meter for the output of the inverter.
Also make sure you are in compliance with 690.64(B)(2) for the maximum size of the inverter breaker in the sub-panel and (B)(7) for the location of the breaker.
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