Junction box with live wire


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I have 5 tenant spaces for future tenant with demising walls separating them. Each future tenant has its own panelboard right now so tenant 1 has Panel T1, tenant 2 Panel T2, tenant 3 Panel T3, tenant 4 Panel T4, tenant 5 Panel T5.

Their is conduit and wires from each future tenant panel board going to junction box for future sign for the future tenant. Signs would be installed when they have an actual tenant in future.

Is their any code section that would prohibit the install of live wire crom panelboard for future signs in future tenant space?

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I don't think the NEC addresses this. But why would you want to do it? You could simply run empty conduit with pull wires. Or you could run wires and have them labeled and capped off at both ends. When the tenant arrives, they will need to have an electrician do some amount of installation work. They can connect the wires to a breaker and to a sign at that time.


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Around here, without a tenant to pay the electric bill or inspection prior, the POCO meter doesn't get installed in the "Future" tenant spaces so there would be no "live" wires to begin with.

If your future tenant space do happen to already have passed inspection, and, the meters are installed for the future spaces, I see no issues with it whatsoever.



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Agreed. I got to the end before I realized we were talking about commercial store spaces. It was really confusing when I had initially assumed residential apartments.

I've seen it both ways, but usually MC cable to a j-box near the sign area, with wires capped and labeled.