K+T tool?


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It seems for sure to be a type of clamp. But what is it used for?
One possibility would be for stretching wire into place by gripping the end without having to bend it.
It could also be a heat sink you clamp on the copper to keep the soldering heat from hitting the insulation.


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Might just be more of a general purpose clamping tool (like the mentioned more modern Vise Grip) then a specific electrical installation tool, but don't give up on finding out what it was originally intended for.

al hildenbrand

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This is one version of a Hand Vise. I would say that it is not very trade-specific.
I agree with the notion of a "hand vise".

As the son of a watchmaker, who grew up around a family owned and run jewelry store, this is the perfect tool to steady a small piece that needs a little mechanical work done to it.

I still have all my Father's tools, which, from time to time, make the hard job easy and the impossible possible.


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Hand vise as opposed to bench vise.

Engineer's (metal worker's) vice as opposed to woodworker's vise.

That's how I take it to be, anyway.
As far as I know Engineers and Woodworkers have similar vices.
But the vises they use are different, except when used as part of their vice. (50 Shades of Grey)