Kohler 20KW Genny wire

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Hello everyone, I hope all are staying self quarantined and safe. Have a bit more time and good weather I decided to move up automating my standby system. I picked up an ailing Kohler 20RESA genny and got it running great, I have a 200 amp service at the house so the ATS is also a 200 amp rated switch. My issue is with the wire to use, I need to run about 125 feet to the meter from the genny. Half of that run will be in conduit and the other half through my attic and a wall to the disconnect. My first thought was to use tray cable so I can run it in conduit and just staple up in the attic....but Holy Moly is that stuff expensive (I would rather use copper #4). Just recently I learned about 2-2-2-4 Aluminum Mobile Home Feeder Cable. Any thoughts on the better? Can that wire be stapled up or am I back to conduit the entire job? Only 13 feet will be exposed (schd 80) and another 30 underground (In schd 40) the balance will be in the residence (attic)
Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions
PS, I am in Farmingdale NY and Nassau makes everything difficult and mysterious...including the setbacks from property lines

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