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I have lab space in non hospital setting in which tenant branch circuits are fed from panelboards in interstitial space.

Nec 2017 section 240.24(B) branch circuits require to ready accessible. They are not ready accessible to tenant. Does anyone know why branch circuits be fed from panelboard in interstitial space? Is it not in compliance with NEC 2017 section 240.24(b)?


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Does the tenant have access to the space?


Is service and electrical maintenance provided by the building management and under continuous building management supervision?

If the answer is no to either of these question then I would say that it is a violation of 240.24(B).


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None of here you know interstitial space?

A person can walk in that space and yes panelboards does have clearance of course 110.26(A)

I have been in interstitial space in hospitals but not this one. This one is for lab
I asked as some interstitial spaces do not have required 6 ft 6 in headroom