LFNC Required?

I have a 500amp refrigeration rack piped in with PVC with back to back 90's between the strut rack on the building and the unit. The refrigeration unit is about 5 feet away from the building, the inspector thinks all the conduits with 120v or more should have flexible conduit between the building and unit. I can't find where LFNC is required to be installed. Can anyone help?

Dennis Alwon

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Chapel Hill, NC
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If the unit requires flexibility then it would be required. I am not familiar with this unit but it sounds like an authority having jurisdiction call.


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Unless you are worried about noise and vibration. Which is not likely to be a real problem.
They are all so loud to start with it makes little difference.

Here is a small typical rack, notice it has a firm metal frame that sits directly on the floor.

The indvidule compressors will be on vibration mounts.