light fixture with Two t12 magnetic ballast


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what problem could I have if a switch independently each ballast in a two ballast fluorescent light fixtures. So one have can be used only.. There is nothing I can think than it can go wrong..
IMHO.. I can not think of any adverse issues either. I work in a facility that has this installation...I would consider running a constant hot to a few fixtures for life safety protocol... :)

mopowr steve

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No problem, it was a very common thing to do to split the fixtures when you only wanted 1/2 the light output or to use only part of the fixture for night lighting with a constant feed to one half on a switch to run the other half.


I see that I'm a little late to this party but I just wanted to add a caution to remember the sockets will need to be re-wired to a parallel configuration and that they should be manually shunted when retrofitting to T-8 lamps. :::thumbs up:::

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