Location of the KYZ Power Meter

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Is there a national standard or code relating to the location of the KYZ Power Meter in the retail store environment?

We have been told that the location of the meter depends on the local power company and is typically at the point of service connection?

We have an electrical contractor undertaking a series of power meter connections at multiple retail outlets for remote monitoring and he has assumed, in his understanding of the scope of work, that at each location the meter will always be in the mechanical room.

We would like to be able to quote chapter and verse that that it is unreasonable to expect all the meters (over 100 sites in 6+ states) to be located in the main mechanical room.


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Re: Location of the KYZ Power Meter

It looks like you are trying to tie a contractor to a "hard money" price without giving him a full scope of work. Yes, it is unreasonable to assume that all meters will be in the mechanical room, but it is just as unreasonable for you to expect a hard money bid for this project. If I was the contractor, my bid would be qualified that all meters are in the mechanical room and there will be additional charges for any that are not in that location.
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