Lock-on Device for Fire Rated Doors?

Working on an expansion for a K-12 school. There is an accordion style fire rated door between existing and new construction that will automatically close in the event of a fire. Should the breaker protecting the door have a lock-on device for critical loads, like the breaker that's protecting the fire alarm system?


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What propels the accordion-style door to close? Springs? Motor?

With 'standard' swinging doors, there's usually an electromagnet to hold them open, and a spring-powered closer that closes them when the power fails.
It is motorized. In addition to automatically closing during fire, there is a 3-button momentary contact control station so the district can close it manually as-desired. The expansion includes a gym/storm shelter that will be open after normal school hours, so the district will close it to limit what parts of the school after hour visitors can get into.