low voltage outside lighting


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i am not a fan of CFL lighting to accent front of homes because they don't bring out the color well in wood finishing, but having the option would be nice so the owners can change from halogen to cfl if they choose. In a small space of in a roof's soffit/gable, I was wondering about using a shallow profile low voltage lighting using either line voltage bulbs or MR-16, and wopndering whether they last outside in the changing temperature.


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I have MR-16, 12 volt down-lights in the soffits in the front of the house and the lamps last a long time.


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CFL should be a viable option if you pick a Kelvin range that flatters the color wood you are using. Cold climates can be a problem with CFL's in exterior applications during the winter months. You might consider LEDs with the same consideration for color range.