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I have read here that wiring for low voltage led lights that is used for under counters can not be installed inside of walls unless its rated for such. Is there a low voltage wire rated for inside of walls or is it a practice to use romex ? We have seen the low voltage wire being used for under counter work but never able to see its rating.
Before we installed this ribbon type of led I like to be sure its being done correctly. In the passed we used fixtures for under counter use and romex was the choice of wiring. Is this something an inspector would look for in kitchen rework ?


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Try 18/2 thermostat wire (usually has a brown jacket) It's CL2 rated and completely legal for this use.
Keep in mind you also need a class 2 power source to use a class 2 rated cable. Not all low voltage systems are class 2. The larger the system capacity the less likely it is class 2.

With low voltage the risk of shock is minimized, but the current levels will go up meaning heavier conductors are necessary to prevent overheating of the conductors. (120 watts @ 120 volts is 1 amp of current, 120 watts @ 12 volts is 10 amps of current)

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Seagull has a CL3 ( I believe) cable which is a #10 which might be what you have seen.
But as far as the LED leads I think your right I don't think they are listed for in wall, I run mine down the small gap between the cabinets styles.