MA Master Licence Reciprocity From NH (nightmare?)


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Since there is no "Exam Discussion" forum, I suppose this is the best place to put this thread.

I currently hold 8 EC licenses for various states. The most recent test I passed was NH. I am now in the process of applying for reciprocation to MA. I've hit a major roadblock, however.
The MA DoL has informed me that I need to first have a Journeyman license before I can obtain a Master license through reciprocation. That is not such a big deal in and of itself (I had the do the same for NH), but what is very troubling is that they are saying I need to show proof of completing a 150hr "Master Training Course", and to get my Journeyman’s in MA I would have to show proof of completing a 600hr “Journeyman Training Course”!! That is approx. 5 months of full-time class!! Just to get a reciprocated license! I tried submitting my 4-year electrical training class I took at our local state college quite a few years ago but they provided me a link to a long list of specific (local) courses that are the only ones they will accept.
I'm just got the email last night and I am still reeling from this news. I am going to give the MA DoL a call today and find out if there are any alternatives to sitting in a class for 5 months, which I certainly do not have time to do. I think it's ludicrous that I should have to sit in a class for that long to get "trained on how to be a journeyman (which I have been for over 15 years) and trained to be a master (which I have been for over 6 years).

There must be some way around all this schooling given the level of experience and schooling/training hours I already have, right?
Anyone have any suggestions, recommendations, or experience with this?
Anything I can have in my arsenal going into the inquiry with the MA DoL would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
You guys/gals are awesome!



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See the attached. I think page 4 has information for out of state experience. I would hit them with every kind of education, work experience and anything else you can come up with. Bury them in paper. Include anything even if it does not relate to electrical work.


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