Massachusetts / Lic # in Correspondence

Does the requirement of including a license number in any and all correspondence (ad, business card, etc) still exist in Massachusetts?

I see the requirement of displaying an A or C certificate in the primary place of business / office(s) is still required, and carrying a B or D card in the wallet is still listed in Chapter 141 Section 3 (9) but what about ads, business cards, or even websites?


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South of Bawstin
237 CMR 18.01(2) requires...

"Any sign, advertisement or other business communication of a Master or Journeyman or Systems Contractor shall indicate the type of license and license number"


Dennis Alwon

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I see them on trucks. It used to be a problem around here because some builders would get the permits for the entire job and use someones license number and then do the work themselves. That area had so much trouble we have to get the permits notarized. A real PITA