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Yes get the MH exam prep books. Study 10-20 hours per week, answer at least 100 questions per week. See if your state has a list of the subject areas that you will be tested on.
If open book, take NEC, firms or uglys


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Make sure you familiarize yourself with what each section covers. That helps with speed. Also, contact the testing center to see which materials are allowed. When I took mine, you could not use the handbook which is my preferred reference.


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I passed with a high 90's with the NEC and a calculator. Had I remembered that power factor can never exceed 1, I may have aced it. :roll:

You don't have to memorize the NEC, you just have to know how to use it.


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Any tips on taking this test?

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I've taken multiple tests for "masters" or "contractors" licenses. Like Larry said, it's knowing how to use the code book and being familiar with the little nuances. I was always a pretty good test taker. One thing that happened to me often is I would find the answer to a previous question that I was not sure about. It took a few tests for me to figure out that if I kept track of which test question was giving me problems, I could go back to it if I needed to. So, I started to write the question number down and a word or two to remind me of what the question was.

When I stumbled on the answer to a question I was unsure of, I could easily go back to it because the test question number was written down. When I was taking my building contractors exam in NC, I had 12 questions written down that I could not find the answer to and by the end of the test, I had the correct answers for them. Before I started doing that I wasted a lot of time trying to find the answer before moving on and when I stumbled across the answer later in the test I was able to go back to the question with minimal effort (where before I was spending a lot of time trying to find the question).

The other thing I did was to work through all the calculation examples in the back of the code book, reading all the references. Unlike Larry, I squeaked by on my tests, but ... pass with a D or pass with an A, you get the same license. :)

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The most useful tool is the practice exams. Answer as many questions you can as you can so that you can learn to navigate through the code book fast. You need to be able to answer those questions within the allotted time.