Master in WI.


I passed the WI. master exam back in November.
Broke my ankle in January.
Now I am starting up my own little firm here and need all the help I can get.
It's been a long road this past winter but I am excited to get rolling again.
I have some commercial experience but I've always been a resi guy.
I enjoy it, even working in dumps dodging spider webs. God Bless America.
It takes all kinds and I've seen how they all live.

Getting back the Masters exam, I was stumped by a few questions that were not based on the NEC nor the WI Comm
codes I was instructed to study. One I recall was something like, " Where would you use a transfer switch?" then for answers it listed different occupancies, a fire house, commercial building etc.
It didn't make a lot of sense because it wasn't a technical code based question but more of a State code.
I think I was led astray and not given the current list of Comm sections to study.
I must have guessed right on something because I did pass.


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From what I remember of the masters test it would first and foremost have served us to have a masters in english first due to the way some of the questions were worded. Especially the multiple questions that should have said of these 4 correct answers which is most correct. :rant:

Most of it was NEC, some was Comm.16 some was NFPA72, and a few UBC on mine.

Glad you passed, most don't and only about 1 in 5 pass the first try.

copper chopper

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yea i remember when i took it the same thing there where 4 B.S. questions that had nothing to do with code, they where building code or fire code answers. I complained about it but got nowhere...LOL.

anyway congrats on starting your own shop its going to be tough in this economy especially if your a 1 man show...
try to go far cleints that have the money, always follow the money and even in a recession you will be working.
such as: places that work with the dead, health care facilities, insurance places, information technology places, colleges.
these are some of the places that keep me working year round. but like I said if your a 1 man show like assume you are I dont know what to tell you maybe you could farm yourself out to other shops that are busy and need a guy for 2 weeks and dont want to hire someone for that time period only to have to lay them off and pay there unemployment.You might try that angle.