Master license renewal and permits massachusetts

Does anyone know if the business license that was issued to contractors needs to be renewed at the same time as the master's license gets renewed by 7.31.22? Also, where can I find about the permitting process in Mass?


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I don't know what "business license" you're talking about.

In MA, one journeyman can run a business but can only have one apprentice. He/she needs no other license except their journeyman's license. He cannot hire additional journeymen.

In Ma someone with a master's license can hire as many journeymen as he wants and higher apprentices up to the level allowed depending on how many journeymen he has.

If a master incorporates, he must turn in his individual master's license and he will be issued a new masters license in the company's name.

Ma is currently under the 2020 nEC which they adopted, subject to the MA amendments attached. What I attached may or may not be the most recent issue


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