MC-HL cable and boundary seal

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If I have a type MC-HL cable that goes between a class1 div1 and div2 boundary, and device in the div1 does not require a seal. I understand that the middle of a run of cable obviously doesn’t need a boundary seal.
But when it gets to the div2 location and terminates at its final destination (that doesn’t require a seal either).Do I still need a cable seal on one division or the other to serve as a boundary seal?



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See Section 501.15(D)(1). While it isn't the clearest, the first sentence applies to all cable Types - even if the enclosure itself is not required to be sealed, the cable is required to be sealed at the termination(s) in the Division 1 location. Once sealed at the terminations, the Type MC-HL is not required to be sealed at the boundary - as long as nothing else intervenes between the termination and the boundary. However, see also Section 501.15(D)(2).
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