Metallic spread footing


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I have existing bank in is being renovated inside still going to be bank. One of its existing metallic beams were to be removed with new one but contractor found that they cannot remove existing beam. So instead they are providing four separate spread footings metallic to support the existing metallic beam.

The four new spread fittings are Not qualified as grounding electrode. However does the code still require the four spread footings to be bonded to the main service grounding electrode system or service equipment?


EC, Westchester, New York NEC: 2014
Hawthorne, New York NEC: 2014
The existing beam should be already so I imagine if the metallic footings are welded or otherwise attached to the beam they become bonded. However if the beam was never itself bonded, then that needs to be addressed and that could be done by bonding the footings as you suggest.