Mounting SubPanel on steel Core 10 horizontal basket weave fence. Bonded?

Residential backyard. I have drilled and tapped the 1/8" steel plate (spot welded to the post(s) intermittently) and bolted the panel to the fence. There will be ground rods along the fence line. Do I need to run the EGC through a 2" grounding clamp on the nearest steel fence post, or is the bolted panel installation enough of a bond for the fence?
The rows of woven 6" plate steel are not welded at every post.


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If your panel support is welded to a post, and your panel mounting method is conductive, I can't see a clamp being any better.
Thanks for pointing me to this section of the code. And the AHJ that I could reach liked the idea of the post connected (directly, approved method) to the grounding conductor. 250.136 was spot on for the job. I had been perusing the section that applied to "metal fences" around substations. That wasn't doing it for me.