Multiple Primaries from One Power Pole?

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Is it possible or common to serve multiple services from one power pole? I have (1) 480V, 3 Phase Service, and (1) 208V, 3 Phase Service that need to run from an overhead line to a pad mount transformer. Can I run both of these services to the ground from one power pole? or do I need to have a separate power pole for each service?


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If primaries and secondaries can share poles, I can't imagine that two secondary voltages would be a problem.

Color marking might be a good idea.

tom baker

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We have other with POCO experience, but for the overhead services I have installed, its on bank (voltage/phase per pole)
They possibly could set a 480 bank on one pole and 208 on a adjacent, then run quad to one pole.
This really is a question for your POCO. And see if you can get a copy of their customer service handbook
Is the 480 and 208 for one building? It would be more common to run 480 and then install step down transformers for the 208. The POCO can work up costs for you

David Castor

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That's going to be totally up to your serving utility assuming it's their pole. It's done all the time where multiple services are fed from one pole-mounted transformer.