Multiple voltage circuits in wireway. Lighting solution needed. Question on 12-904

I work for an OEM that sends completed units into Canada. The question that I have is this: We use a combined raceway for 600v to 120v distribution through our units. In looking at 12-904 (2) (c) it states that it is acceptable to do this as long as all wires "are insulated for at least the same voltage as that of the circuit having the highest voltage, and none of the conductors or the circuits of lower voltages is directly connected to a lighting branch circuit." We normally pull the lighting circuits in this same raceway. Am I reading it correctly that I need to keep the lighting circuit completely out of this raceway? However, the receptacle that is next to the light switch can be in the same conduit because it is connected to the "same source of voltage" as the lighting circuit. All fixtures are LED with 3way/4way/3way switching and travelers. I only have access to a 2012 version of the code, but I am trying to correct that :). Thoughts from the group are requested and appreciated. I have uploaded a basic sketch of our standard application for a more visible example.


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If your config is 600 V 3Ph incoming -> to the wireway -> to a disconnect or some distribution -> transformer 600/208 -> power distribution panel then back to the same wireway I think this is a violation of the 12-904 (2). But I am not 100% on the code myself.
I usually see the 600V coming directly to the disconnect or distribution.