MV motor protection


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Has anyone out there used a Schweitzer SEL-710 along with a Bentley Nevada 2300 to protect a 2.3kV, 1250Hp induction motor?
No but it’s straight forward. The 710 is doing current and possibly voltage protection which is not just Code required but needs to be as fast as possible while Bentley Nevada does vibration and thermal which are secondary protection. So use the application wiring diagram in the SEL instructions. The Bentley Nevada can be configured either with a separate input to the SEL and used as an interlock on the run/stop signals. You can wire a 710 purely as an overload relay but it needs to sense the run command and starter aux feedback to allow all the protection functions to operate correctly. The easiest way to do this is by setting up the 710 to directly control the contactor and making everything else an input to it or an output from it. The BN is just another input.

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