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Which can be called as N+1 system in the below pictures.

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You can’t actually a answer that question without knowing the capacity of each charger. For example if each individual charger In picture 1 is rated to carry only 1/2 of the load, then you don’t have redundancy at all because of one fails you will be forced to reduce your load or shut down. But if each is rated for full load, you do have N+1 because of one fails, you carry on as if nothing happened. Then if in picture 2, all 3 are rated for the full load, you actually have N+2 redundancy, but if each is rated for 1/2 load, then you have N+1. You need to know the capacity of the N elements in the system.

But as Zbang said, this is not a redundant SYSTEM, because nothing else is redundant. So really, you can only talk about the redundancy of the CHARGERS in this system.