NEC 2014


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Laundry rooms must have GFICs, but if laundry rooms contain only washer, dryer and refrigerator, not laundry sink - this is the commercial facilities where I work and have 15 utilities room - will I need to replace the existing for the GFICs? What about the arc faults?


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My apologies, I didn't explain better. In only one outlet receptacle: 2 washing machines, 1 refrigerator, 2 detergent/bleach dispensers and sometimes a fan or dehumidifier are crammed with adapters, so I would like to add another circuit and I thought that because of this "upgrade and been in 2014 code" I needed to GFIC them, but reading iwire (good mentor here) comments about 210.8 (B) I see it is not necessary ... correct?


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If you adding a new circuit , I would think it should be brought up to code.
And if it is non dwelling application - neither GFCI or AFCI is required for the area described. Not too much there that likely needs brought up to code unless it is older then dirt.