NEC Code 23.85 Service Disconnect

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Litchfield, Connecticut
Environmental Engineer
I am rebuilding a vacation cottage so will need to install a new meter and 200 amp/240 volt service disconnect.
  • Can I use a Service Disconnect or does it have to be a circuit breaker? I have worked in industry for 50 years and found that circuit breakers fail more frequently in humid locations exposed to hot and cold ambient temperatures so I want to use a disconnect outside.
  • Can I get a Service Disconnect that I can install a fireman's lock in the ON position to ensure no vandals can turn the power off in the middle of winter. We won’t be around for much of the winter.
  • I want to install a generator to cover the frequent power outages powering only the furnace and heating recirc pumps through a subpanel. Can I install the transfer switch inside the house at my breaker panel?
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