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does code/TIa allow for cat 6 to be run above a drop ceiling lets say come in space in a 2 inch conduit then into jhooks , then come down to a machine in a room. from j hooks to connection (nic on machinee patch cord from bell box) does it need support or can be flex. Im used to conduit down to machine, secured but can flex be used to replace rigidig/emt? if can reference code


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Regardless of what Code allows, you absolutely want network cabling properly secured above a dropped ceiling because the last thing you want is someone moving it on top of any source of electrical noise.

What I mean by that, is follow the code (duh), but also make sure that as you're obeying, for example, 300.11 (A), you keep your Cat 6 away from ballasts or anything else which might induce signals onto your networking wires.


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The only thing Code requires is that the cable be independently supported above the ceiling and that it be of the proper listing.

You can't attach it to the grid support wires or other systems like plumbing or sprinkler pipes. You can't let the cable lay on the grid or ceiling. In your case, conduit into the space and J hooks is fine. You just need to determine if the space is used for environmental air which will determine if you need to use a plenum listed cable.

I assume you are also asking about the drop down to a machine. You are free to do anything you want. You can install a Bell box on the ceiling with a jack (or no jack) if that's what you are thinking. Sure, you can sleeve the patch cord from the box in flex if you wish for protection.


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Another issue is penetrating firewalls, STI makes some great and easy to use products. For J hooks I have learned to install larger size than you need as more cables are always added later.
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