New HD Wave Screenless Inverter


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Man I'm disappointed in solaredge these days. Tech support is 2 hour hold times. Issues coming up with inverters with lots of truck rolls. I'm looking at SMA with Tigo optimizers. All the old SMA's Ive installed are running solid with no issues.

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How is everyone liking the new sceenless inverters?
I guess I like that I could mount them on some walls that are more south facing than the previous units without fear of nuking the display over time?

The firmware update has added a hard 30 minutes to commissioning, even if the current firmware is loaded on the local phone. That's my experience with an iphone 8.

I did HATE the buttons on the old units when mounted outside, especially after an entire install day.

Not a huge fan. Definitely takes the install experience a little closer to feeling like commissioning an Enphase Envoy, which isn't a good thing.


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Everything is app based now. I can see all the manufacturers going this way eventually.

I agree. The fact that I just bought a screenless SE inverter aside, removing screen and buttons lowers cost and reduces water intrusion points and fewer overall things to break.

That said there are some app based configurations products that are a real PITA, ring doorbells come to mind.

On the other hand there are many many hardware configuration apps that work seamlessly. Sonos comes to mind.

Probably just growing pains, bummer that I bought one for my own home :(