New statewide license in Kentucky...

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KY just went to the statewide license and I was grandfathered in as a Master Elect. Yet, I will still be required to take the Masters/Contractors test to open my own business. The problem is that this statewide requirement just happened so fast that it is going to delay the opening of my business significantly. The requirements of grandfathering to Master/Contractor status is 2 yrs of operating that type of business. I am not trying to avoid the test, it's just the timing of such. Here is my question: Can anyone recommend a way to crash course for this test and what organization I should use to take the test(Borders & Borders, Experior, etc.)? FYI, I have 12 yrs experience but, I've been into alot of Industrial controls the last 5 yrs. and need a refresher on the other areas of the code (service calculations, boxfill, etc.) Any help is deeply appreciated. :confused:


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Re: New statewide license in Kentucky...

The state licensing board will provide you with the information on who the approved exam provider for your state. Generally, this not something you get to choose. According to the link below, Experior is the Kentucky provider.

As far as study goes, I would also ask your state licensing board for the list of approved CEU providers. These providers will certainly provide weekend or one day code and exam seminars.

I believe Mike Holt is an approved provider for Kentucky. Check out his products back at the Mike Holt homepage. See the link below: :)


Re: New statewide license in Kentucky...


Kentucky's Master Electrician and their Electrical Contractor exams are two completely separate exams. Because your Master's license was grandfathered in, I'm assuming that you are only concerned with the Contractor's exam.

The Contractor's exam is not an electrical exam at all. It is entirely Business and Law and tests on various aspects regarding owning and operating a business. You would only be required to take this exam if you intend to own your own business.

Go to Experior's website and click on the Electrical Contractor link. Descriptions of all three Kentucky exams are posted there.

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Re: New statewide license in Kentucky...

in Tennessee the contractors test is composed of 3 parts. buisness law, electrical, mechanical.
the mechanical test requires about 20 books that will cost approximately $ 1600. the electrical test requires the nec codebook(no pencil marks, approved section id tags) and the american electricians handbook.

experior administering the tests. this is who we used.

hope this helps
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