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Hi new here. I have some electrical background, but have been hit and miss for awhile.
I am installing a pool that will have:
1- 15amp pump (new circuit 1)
1- 5.5amp heater pump (new circuit 2)
1- single gang per code by the equipment @6' min (new circuit 2)
1- double gang on the deck (phones, radio) @10' away (new circuit 2)

Here's what im planning: I will need 2- 20 amp breakers out at a breaker box by the pool.
I was planning on putting a double pole 30 amp at my main panel and run THHN/THWN 10 guage stranded (2 hots, 1 neutral and a ground to a breaker box at the pool. Now this panel will be backfed to another double pole 30 amp breaker. From there i will also have 2- 20 amp breakers in that box to feed these 2 circuits.
Will this work or do i need to just run separate 20amp circuits?

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