New York Approved Exit Signs


I just started work for a collage in NYC, I ran in a problemwhen i was asked to install a exit sign that was not New York city approved exit signs. I explain that in the last 20 years aselectrician the only sign install were New York City and the 5 boroughs approved exit signs and emergency lights. I was told as long it's UL Approved and it'sok. Tried to explain that there is more to it than just being UL Approved, thatalso meet , NFPA, and NEMA building and fire codes.
Iknow that a exit sign must be redand the housing must be made of steel or aluminum, and the lettering for must have a one inch strokeand be eight inches high. As there beena change to the code, that i don't know about.


Dennis Alwon

Staff member
NYC may have amendments that amend the NEC. There is nothing in the NEC but there may veryu well be something in the city amendments.


Staff member
Every exit sign that I've ever installed in NYC is marked "Approved for use in NYC" or some other similar marking. My guess is that it's part of the NYC building or fire code.